graduate diploma in arts 

The Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing) is intended to provide a background in Creative Writing for students with a Bachelor’s qualification in another subject. It is often undertaken by students wishing to further their knowledge of Creative Writing before pursuing a Masters of Creative Writing.


The Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing) allows students to take 200 and 300 level classes totalling 90 credits (6 courses). The 200 and 300 level core Creative Writing courses, 139.280 Creative Non-Fiction: Creative Writing II and 139.380 Building Your Manuscript: Creative Writing III are required. Students must take a total of 60 credits of study at 300-level in Creative Writing (this includes 139.380).


The remaining 30 credits (2 courses) for the Graduate Diploma in Arts:

  • must come from the Bachelor of Arts degree schedule

  • at least 15 credits must be a 300-level course

  • may include further Creative Writing courses

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